Why Incredible Kitchen?

Incredible Kitchen

The notions of family and food are deeply intertwined in all cultures and it’s no different in India where women put so much effort, love and care to cook for their families and our family is no different. My mom is an amazing woman: warm, kind and affectionate. Not only is she a fantastic cook: she prepares three full meals from scratch, every day, three times a day, but her food is delicious. She puts so much love, attention and care into her cooking and she is constantly innovating and trying new ways of cooking so I thought why not share her knowledge and skills with all our friends and beyond?

Hence the idea for Incredible Kitchen. The shared experience of cooking and eating together can turn strangers into family and create lasting bonds. My hope is that by cooking the recipes from Incredible Kitchen and sharing the food with your families and friends, you will become part of our family: the Incredible Kitchen family.

With love,

Kanwal from Incredible Kitchen


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