Christmas paper stars

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Isn’t it ?

All the food, drinks, decorations, light and the good cheer. However, my favourite thing this year has been making christmas decorations at home. I had so much fun making these christmas stars that I made dozens of these stars to hang all around my home.

I made them using just paper and thread. But best of all is that these stars are reusable and can be used year after year. To tie the stars, rather than using a stapler or glue, I punched holes and use the the thread to tie them together. This means to store the stars, you will just need to untie the thread and fold them.

Moreover, I used lokta paper to create these christmas paper stars. Not only the paper is gorgeoy, it is very eco friendly. It is hand-made in Nepal using the bark of the bushes growing in Himalayas. The bushes regenerate in 5-7 years which makes them perfect for sustainable source of paper. Also, the paper is quite strong so it doesn’t tear easily as compared to standard paper making Lokta paper perfect for reusable Christmas decorations.

You can find all about lokta paper here

To learn how to make the stars, watch the video. You will need paper, scissors, hole puncher and string to make these stars.

Have a lovely christmas!

Christmas paper stars
Christmas paper stars
Christmas paper stars
Christmas paper stars

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